Who is the Lionbridge Smart Crowd Team?

We are a growing group of people who chose to work in the "Cloud" on our own terms: Night or day; two hours today and six tomorrow; at home or in a cafe anywhere in the world.

Lionbridge is a global, privately held company based in the USA. We gather people from all over the world especially those who are bilingual. Using our innovative cloud technologies, and our worldwide crowd of more than 100,000 cloud workers, we provide integrated solutions that enable clients to successfully market, sell and support their products and services in global markets.

We are proud to work with hundreds of global market leaders including: Adobe, Canon, Caterpillar, CBS Interactive, Cisco, Dell, Eli Lilly, EMC, Expedia, Golden Living, Google, HP, LRN, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Pearson, Pfizer, Philips, Porsche, PTC, RIM, Rolls Royce, Samsung, Skillsoft, Studec, and the US Department of Justice.

Why would I join the Smart Crowd?

We offer you the ability to earn money by completing small tasks that you can fit in your schedule. You work for yourself, on as many tasks as you choose, from your own device, wherever, and whenever, you want. Plus you are connected to a global community of workers just like yourself!

Most people join us in the Smart Crowd for the opportunity to supplement their income. There is no long term commitment, simply complete the tasks you signed up for. We have a variety of tasks in data research, data entry, language, testing, and more.

What is the pay like?

We offer a competitive rate per task based on the expected productivity to complete a task. Rates are set for each task, and we pay once per month. We provide further details on this during the sign up process.

Do I have to pay to join, or pay for any fees?

No. There is no sign-up fee, no membership fee, nothing. We simply pay you to complete the tasks as specified.

So what are my obligations?

None! When tasks that match your talents and skill set are available we let you know in case you would like to make that extra cash.

How do I sign in, and what happens next?

You sign in at http://www.keyforcash.com/.

We ask you to answer a few questions so we can know you better. By telling us about your demographics, education, areas of expertise, and language skills, you allow us to match you with the appropriate tasks that fit your skill set.

After submitting this information, you will see one or more placement evaluations for you to take. Take as many as you want. These evaluations will provide you with an opportunity to show us your real talents and skill level.

Once we have your scores from the evaluations we will contact you when work is available. You will then be able to earn money for the tasks you complete!

I’ve already signed up in the Smart Crowd website. How do I access the tasks?

You must complete at least one placement evaluation before you can be considered for work. You will only be allowed to work on those tasks related to the talent you’ve demonstrated. The higher you score, the greater your chance to take on tasks and be paid for work!

Once we have your scores from the evaluations we will contact you when work is available. You will then be able to earn money for the tasks you complete!